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Copper Beech Morgantown | Tailgating Season is Here

Now that Fall is officially here…we all know what that means! It is officially football and tailgating season! The tradition of tailgating goes back decades! Close friends, family, and patrons of the same team gathering outside of the stadium doors waiting for them to open so they can rush in and cheer on their favorite team!

If you are hosting a tailgate we understand that it can be a lot of pressure and extremely stressful! Here are 5 quick tips to hosting a successful tailgate:

  1. Plan ahead and reserve your spot!
  2. Bring you’re A-game with the food – prepping food ahead of time makes things a lot easier during game day. Think hand-held – burgers, hot dogs, kebabs, etc.
  3. Game day décor – Show your team spirit!
  4. Bring games to play! Corn hole, Ladder Golf, and Spikeball are some popular tailgaiting games. Don’t forget a football!  
  5. Don’t forget a killer playlist!